Lord, forgive me for my bitterness...

It may be that we need to repent for any bitter feelings that we have inside of us. This type of sin can block us from many of God's blessings.

Please forgive my bitter words, my anger, my unforgiveness. Help me Lord to forgive others. It might be a bitter divorce, or a loss of a friendship, an anger over some injustice that you have faced. It can be that you are bitter over a separation from a relative who got mad at you because of your faith.

Someone else might become bitter towards you and it is bringing confusion to your life because of their constant anger towards you. In all of these ailments and circumstances we need constant prayer. Pray.

You need to pray, repent, forgive others, rebuke the demonic spirits and love God and others.

You can start to walk in God's blessings.



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